Bourgogne de Vigne en Verre

35 Domaines, 35 Identités,
300 ha de vignobles,
90 AOC de Bourgogne

Bourgogne de Vigne en Verre a été créé il y a plus de 30 ans, en 1981. Ce regroupement de 12 domaines, visionnaire à l’époque, véritable continuité de chacun d’entre eux, répond plus que jamais aux besoins des professionnels du monde du vin.

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In this “trade section” we provide our distributors the tools with which to facilitate better communication with BVV, like they would have with their own customers. :

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Do you often forget where such and such a lieu-dit is, or whether it is premier or grand cru? This is only too normal in fact ….that is why we are providing on our website maps of Burgundy - village by village – which are also available on the BIVB site.

Creation of tasting sheets

If you organize a tasting with a wine club, or a day on the road sampling your customers, you can prepare a tasting sheet with all the pertinent information relating to those wines. All you need to do is to select which wines are of interest.

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La Côte Mâconnaise

Domaine Touzot

Bernard Moreau Vigneron

Domaine Dupré

Domaine des Verchères

Les Vignerons de Mancey

Domaine Chapuis

Domain Feuillarde

Domain G. Morat

La Côte Chalonnaise

Domaine Chofflet

Domain Meix-Foulot

Domain M. Briday

Domaine de Montorge

La Côte de Beaune

Domain Bitouzet-Prieur

Domain A. & B. Labry

Benoît Sordet

Domain J. B. Lebreuil

Domain E. Cornu and Son

Domain Bachey-Legros

La Côte de Nuits

Domain Jean Chauvenet

Domain Jérôme Chezeaux

Domaine G. Lignier

Philippe Chéron

Le Chablisien

Domain Vauroux

Domain Lavantureux

Domaine Milcent

Le Beaujolais

Domaine des Fonds


Domaine des Pins

Domaine de la Tour des Bans

Closerie de Thorins


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