Bourgogne de Vigne en Verre

35 Domaines, 35 Identités,
300 ha de vignobles,
90 AOC de Bourgogne

Bourgogne de Vigne en Verre was established in 1981 by a group of wine producers seeking to optimise the commercial and logistical management of their wine domaines. This structure is able to meet the needs of wine industry professionals more efficiently thanks to a managed distribution.

Qui sommes-nous ?

Bernard Moreau Vigneron

Mâcon-Mancey (Red)

La Côte Mâconnaise - Gamay noir

grand cru Régional

Durée de conservation
2 to 4 years

Température de service
14 to 16°

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Bernard Moreau works nearly 7 hectares of vines on his own.  These grow on the slopes surrounding Mancey, Vers and Jugy.  His biggest production is Mâcon-Mancey and red Bourgogne. The great diversity of the terroirs brings a lovely complexity to the domaine’s wines.


Harvesting is carried out by hand. The entire bunches of grapes arrive at the winery, where they are destemmed and put into vat.  Fermentation starts rapidly.  After two days’ fermentation at about 30°C, the vat is cooled and finishes the fermentation at around 20°C, in order to preserve all the wine's fruit. After pressing, the wine is returned to the vat and bottled 6-8 months later.   

Notes de dégustation

On the palate, Mâcon-Mancey is a fruity, supple wine, despite showing a lovely smooth, tannic structure. After the initial spicy aromas, characteristic of the terroir, have faded, the fruit aromas take over - bananas followed by jammy, red fruit. 

Mets d'accompagnements

Charcuterie, cooked dishes or beef stew. Produced for early drinking. However its build will enable it to keep for 2-4 years in the cellar. 

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